Peace is an occurrence of harmony characterized by the lack of violence, conflict behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility and retribution, peace also suggests sincere attempts at reconciliation, the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or international relationships, prosperity in matters of social or economic welfare, the establishment of equality, and a working political order that serves the true interests of all.

So, keeping in view of this dire requirement of future, MMPS chose the theme “PEACE” as one of the project. We plan our activities based on this theme. Following are few of the activities that we conducted at MMPS and are worth sharing.

Poster making competition on the topic “PEACE” organised by Art & Craft club of MMPS.

backgrd FORWEB2  FORWEB1

Art club of M.M. PUBLIC SCHOOL, Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura, New Delhi organized poster making competition on the topic PEACE in the school premises on 30th April 2015. All the students of art club participated and filled the whole atmosphere with the vibrant colors. These young artist painted their imagination in diverse colors on the topic “PEACE”. This competition was organized under the guidance of Mrs. PRITI ANAND (HOD of art and craft)

Few of the posters made by the students are as follows.

IMG_0898 IMG_0900 IMG_0907 IMG_0909  IMG_0926

Article-Writing Activity on the topic “Threat to Peace” by Language Clubs

article writing

Enhancement of writing skills was done through an Article-Writing Activity on the topic ‘Threat to Peace’ on 24 July 2015.The students from class VI-IX and XI warmly participated and showcased their talent and original ideas. The great response of the students could be seen in their articles.

Slogan-Writing Activity on the topic “Peace” by English Club

To instill the message of peace, harmony and brotherhood among students a Slogan -Writing Activity on ‘Peace’ was conducted by English Club on 13 May 2015.Students from class VII, VIII and IX showed great zeal and enthusiasm. They penned down their creative, imaginative and innovative ideas. All in all it was an inspiring activity for the students.

Peace March

To instill the importance of peace in day to day life, the students of Heritage Club, VIII-B and Class X went for peace march on 31st august 2015. The motto behind this march was to spread the message of peace, love and brotherhood in the surrounding area. Students also visited Sheesh Mahal, where they spread the message of peace and they collected peace messages from the people .it was a good experience for students and they learnt the importance of peace

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31 comments on “Peace

  1. Achieving global peace ,starts at home. Peace within the family,between family and friends and neighbours makes the circle bigger and bigger.

  2. I have been at at the school and I have to say that Ms Bobby is really fantastic in the way that she has supported both her staff and pupils around the theme of PEACE. Not only have her students produced outstanding levels of work but they were also able to demonstrate this when I engaged with them. I remain in no doubt that the entire school community at MM Public School have embarked on this programme of work with absolute commitment and dedication. It has been a pleasure to see this brilliant effort around the PEACE initiative.

  3. Peacefulness is an inner sense of calm – it comes from becoming still – in
    order to reflect and meditate on our inner wisdom and receive answers. A
    peaceful heart is one that is free from worry and trouble. It’s becoming quiet
    so we can look at things quietly so we can more clearly understand them and
    thus come up with creative solutions. It is learning to live in the present.

  4. Great effort! It is important to educate the young generation about tolerance and respect for everyone to achieve peace & prosperity.

  5. Yes of course this is the way to get such a real peace through all these activities.great hard work by m.m.p.a student’s .

  6. With the way the world is today, it is a commendable effort by the school and the teachers to instil this virtue in the children in their formative years. Good job!

  7. wow….d time where people do not have to take breathe properly…..students are doing peace march,.writing messages…thats great!!!!

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